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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Lovely article in Slingshot 301

The most recent edition of the Society of Ancients'  journal Slingshot arrived in my letterbox this morning, so over lunch I had a quick browse, reading the first article, by current President Roy Boss, entitled "An Amazing 50 Years".

Well, what a cracking read it is. With this year being the 50th anniversary of the Society's founding, Roy talks a little bit about how Slingshot and the SoA have changed (perhaps moulded is a better word!) the landscape of ancients figure gaming.

As a latecomer to the scene (I only became a proper researching,collecting, painting and playing wargamer ten years ago), I have always taken the easy availability of figures, rules and information for granted, so to have Roy put the current abundance into perspective so well made me realise how much is owed to the founders of the hobby, and reminds one again why groups like the SoA who maintain a link with the early days of the hobby are worth supporting.

Thanks Roy, and thanks to all of those people, recognised and unrecognised, who have played their parts in the evolution of this wonderful little hobby of ours.

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