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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Quick (and extremely derivative) Ancients rules

As I try to work myself back into gaming mode again I've been going back to an idea I had a couple of months ago for a kid-friendly, language independent miniatures game.

The plan was to base the rules on Commands & Colors and to have the table layout give the players most of the information they need to be able to play.

Infantry units would be represented by four bases and have four strength points, cavalry would be represented by three bases and have three strength points, elephants and war engines by two bases and have two strength points.

Four-figure bases would roll four attack die, two-figure bases two attack die, and so on. Missile fire would be restricted to troops armed with javelins, slings or bows, with one attack die lost if units moved before shooting.  For each strength point lost, units would have to roll a die pre-combat.  If a one was rolled they would lose one attack die.

Non-missile units would hit on fives or sixes and missile units would hit on sixes, whether using close or distance combat.  Leaders would either add an extra die or allow hits on fours.  Ones could, in some cases, cause a retreat.

Movement would be regulated by a hex grid such as a I normally use for true C&C games.

Activation would be by d4 roll, with one pip allowing a single unit to activate and two pips allowing a line of connected units to do so.

Players would be represented on table by leader figures and might be able to fight hand to hand against enemy leaders if they wanted to, a la Warhammer Fantasy Battle.

To win the game you'd need to kill a certain number of enemy units.

If used with my students I might allow a few extra rules: if they were able to remember to use certain sentences, for example, they might be able to roll an extra attack die, or move one hex farther than usual.

The main thing though is to have something fun and accessible for the cousins / kids' friends to play when they come to visit.


  1. I like it. You could easily have these as clear and colourful rules on one page.

    1. Yes - good idea! Might test them out next week, I think.

  2. Hello,
    Is there any possibility I could have a copy of the complete rules? (I realize your post has already set forth a lot of it). I'm about to help a friend run a week-long summer "Game Camp" for kids 10-14 years old, and your rules sound perfect!


    Chris Johnson

    1. Hi Chris, the rules are Commands & Colors: Ancients (available from GMT games) with a slightly different activation scheme, because my CCA cards are in New Zealand :) Drop me a line on prufrock DOT japan DOT gmail DOT com if you need more into!

    2. Sorry, 'more info' that should say!


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