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Monday, September 30, 2013

Need assistance identifying some modern models

These models were in the lot I got recently and while I am reliably informed that they are all from the Heroics and Ros range it would be good to know exactly what they represent, so if anyone can help identify these for me it would be much appreciated.

BTW, please excuse the annoying finger mark on the top left of the camera lens.  One of my little ones must have got hold of the camera during the school sports day yesterday!

A) This is a BTR of some description.  BTR-60 PB perhaps?  BTR-70

B) This is another.  BTR-70?  BTR-60PB

C) BMD-1 perhaps?  BMD-1

D)  No real idea about this one at all.  Saracen APC

E) BRDM-2 perhaps?  BRDM-2

F)  T-72?  T-72

G) T-55?  T-55

H) T-62 or a T-72 variant?  T-62M

I) T-64?  T-80

Thanks to Rhys, AHunt and the chaps at TMP for putting me right.


  1. A) BTR 70
    B) BTR 60PB
    C) BMD-1
    D) British Saracen APC
    E) BRDM2
    F) T72
    G) T55
    H) T62M
    I) T80
    Your score; 5 out of 9. Not too bad.

    1. Thanks, Rhys. Since when has 5 out of 9 been 'not too bad'? ;-)

      Interestingly enough, there is some variance in opinion on the BTRs, going by responses on TMP. The tanks were killing me though, so thanks very much with those.

      The Saracen really threw me - spent hours looking up Russian recce / command vehicles on google, lol!

    2. Rhys is correct on the BTR's, a 70 and a 60PB.

  2. 5 out of 9 is a pass my friend....
    (and I own plenty of BTR-70's as they were brand new when I brought my army in the 1980's)


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