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Thursday, April 18, 2013

What motivates you to paint?

EDIT: poll is playing up, so sorry about that (see below).

One of the reasons I started blogging was to motivate myself to paint, and to paint better, because I would be posting pictures of the figures here.

To a certain extent this has worked, but one problem I have is that for space reasons I tend to either paint or play, and thus do not combine the two very well.  I need to get on a roll to paint, and when I get out of the habit of sitting down with the brushes (and it doesn't take me long to get out of the habit!) it can be a real struggle to pick one up again.

So, my question to you, dear reader(s), is what is it that makes you pick up the paint brush and paint?  I don't mean just thinking about painting, or researching painting, or - God forbid - ordering more figures to paint; I mean actually sitting down, picking up your brush, opening a paint pot and doing it.

On the top right of this blog you should now be able to see a poll, so if you feel like answering, please choose as many of the options there as you feel apply to you.

I'm fascinated by what it is that gets people from the 'hmm, I really should do some painting' to the 'look, I've just finished a unit!' stage, so if you feel that the poll does not allow you to express your experience properly, by all means add comments below.  In fact, I'd be very happy for you to comment for any reason :)

Many thanks,

EDIT: sorry all; for some reason the poll seems to be malfunctioning.  It keeps shedding answers and is not remembering earlier responses.  I'm not quite sure what the problem is, but it looks like it's not recording the information properly.  Thanks for all your responses, and sorry for the odd behaviour of the poll widget thingy.  It was looking good there for a moment :(


  1. Why didn't you include "I enjoy painting" as an option on your poll?

  2. Ouch, good question. Short answer - it didn't occur to me that anyone would enjoy it ;-) I would put that under 'the desire to see progress' though if you need to. Too late to change the poll now unfortunately, so sorry about that!

    1. Maybe I'm just weird that way. ;-) I did put a vote under 'the desire to see progress' in the end anyway.

  3. Votes cast, it will be interesting to the outcome from everybody.

    Cheers, Ross

  4. I've voted too. I do enjoy painting, not so much for itself as the relief from work and other time-consuming frivolities. In other words, it's ME! time. Also, it produces something I'll always have and be able to use repeatedly.

  5. I paint every day. I love to see the units roll off the production line... I'm usually working towards a target.

    Cheers, Simon

  6. I find painting to be a stress release for the most part. It's relaxing for me.

  7. I voted, I had to go back and change my answer to get my vote to show up. My recent poll also had some voting irregularities. I'm hoping we can learn strategies for painting. I struggle to get myself at the painting desk.

  8. I too paint every day. No matter how much work sucks, I forget all of my "problems" once I pick up a paint brush. Plus, there is the enormous satisfaction that comes from turning bags of lead into a nice tabletop army!

  9. Apologies all, I've closed the poll as it was not recording answers properly and was actually registering no answers at all by the time I stopped it. A bit annoying as so many of you all contributed. I may try and find another poll source and perhaps do it again at a later date. Thanks for popping by and giving both answers and comments, and sorry that the results have drifted off into the aether!

  10. Having just painted 492 6mm Irregular Hoplites I can tell you it wasn't a pleasure, until I had finished!
    Turned out better than expected which is always a good view to take.
    It is the desire to have the army which motivates. Painting it your self adds to the 'ownership' view.
    I had stopped painting and playing for over 6 years but now I am flowing again.


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