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Prufrock's Wargaming Blog

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Orders in...

Well, after much kuffuffling about I finally decided to order some Gauls.  I have a few about but I really need to get serious.  What hobbiest worth his salt can own Carthaginan and Caesarian armies and not have Gallic cavalry?  It was getting embarrassing.   The upshot is that orders have been placed for Xyston packs from Brookhurst Hobbies and for some Tin Soldier ones (you can see pictures of the latter here) from the UK.

Research suggests these ranges will go well together, and there should be quite a bit of pose variety, which is a good thing with these kinds of armies in my opinion.

Just to round things off I also popped in an order with Quick Reaction Force for some Late Republican Roman command figures.  I've had exceptional service from QRF recently and wanted to pick something up from them as a wee thank you.

All that means I will have large Gallic, Persian, Greek and Successor armies all waiting to be painted.  I guess I'd better hope for a few rainy days!


  1. Good luck painting them when they arrive! Plaids and check type patterns...

  2. Thanks for that, Paul. I'd managed to avoid thinking about the grim reality of painting them - until now, at least ;-)

    Have a good Christmas and New Year!



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