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Prufrock's Wargaming Blog

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The paints are back out

I'm pleased to be able to report a bit of progress on the painting front this week.  My Anglo-Danish DBA army has stalled somewhat, but the Asculum game I played last week reminded me that I had half a consular army of Strategia e Tattica figures primed, brown-washed and ready for a few licks of paint.  So the other night I cleaned off my three year old's colouring-in table and sat down in the living room with the figures and a single pot of  paint. 

It went surprisingly well, and three nights later the things are nearly finished, which is pretty speedy going by my standards.  After spending a bit of time with them I've also decided that I quite like the figures and will put in an order for a few more packs so that I can do up some allied legions too.

Once they're all finished that should give me 4 legions plus allies at 75 men per figure, which is probably just about right for most occasions, though probably not quite enough to make me stop looking for more...

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