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Friday, May 14, 2010

Another Lost Battle.

These are some shots from another test game for the scenario generation system I've been working on for Lost Battles. This time the Carthaginians were a quality level up on the Romans, and it showed: Rome got whupped.

This is a shot of the deployments, viewed from the Roman right (this was the best Rome would look all game, in fact!):

Here the lines are closing in the centre:

Rome was quickly in trouble on the left, not having enough men or commands to do much on this flank and also attack on the right:

It comes to the triarii before too long:

After taking heavy casualties and a couple of disastrous morale tests, Rome has forces remaining in only two zones...

...but not for long!

Although this game used the rout the enemy victory conditions, it would have been a whopping great win for Carthage under the handicap system as well. It was good fun, but raised a few more questions than it answered.

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