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Tuesday, July 4, 2023

State of the wargame nation

It's been quite some time since I've posted here. We've been through a busy period of house renovations, kids developing social lives, work secondment opportunities and various other things. Earlier in the year I was invited to join a band, so we've been working quite hard learning songs and getting match fit for shows. Things are rolling now - we made our live debut last weekend - and it has been a lot of fun. The last time I played in a live band (apart from attending the odd open mic night) was 1998. I'd reconciled myself to the fact that it may never happen again, so it was a VERY good feeling to get back up on stage in front of a crowd and blast out a few tunes.

We hope to be able to get three hours' worth of material together to allow us to start gigging regularly. There is still some work to be done to get to that stage, but the challenge has been set!

Hobby activity has mostly been confined to looking at my shelves and deciding it's too late to play a game or browsing local boardgame options and making the occasional purchase. So far this year I've picked up Seastrike, Undaunted: Stalingrad, Caesar! Seize Rome in 20 minutes (if you're thinking of getting it, don't bother), Twilight Struggle, and Mare Nostrum. It's an eclectic mix; overseas shipping being prohibitatively expensive means I'm confined to opportunistic nabbing of things that are already in the country. Caesar is a bit of a dog, but the others all look promising. 

In regards to figure gaming, I haven't done any painting since 2019, and I also fell out of love with the Society of Ancients. As this was the avenue I tended to use to present 'serious' hobby pieces, I don't currently have any motivation to put together that sort of structured hobby writing for public consumption. The figures already painted are always there waiting to be used, but whether I will make any further dents in the lead mountain or get back to being the kind of contributor on matters ancient that I used to be is a bit doubtful.

It's been a bit of a depressing period hobby-wise, but you never know when that will change.

So there we are; that's about the state of it. Hope all others in the blogosphere are doing well!


  1. I'm sure the mojo will come back one day, when you're least expecting it.

  2. Good news on the gigging, I am trying to teach myself keyboard …. But only enough to annoy the family :-)

    Boardgames give a good fix, especially when time and space are in demand. As you say, the figures are always there.

  3. So what instrument are you playing? I've recently started playing some jam sessions with some friends after a similar long break, banging on my guitars and making a happy noise.

  4. The music and band sounds like a lot of fun Aaron. Sometimes less is more gaming wise.

  5. Disappointed about 'Caesar! etc' as I'd had my eye on that one. I've just picked up another game in the same range, although from a different designer, 'Dogfight'. Let's hope it's better.

  6. I’m sure that your desire to paint and wargame will return in time, but until it does, it sounds as if your music and family life is more than filling up your free time. I wish that I could play a musical instrument like you … but I can’t.

    All the best,


  7. While I cannot identify or commiserate with you re house renovations, live band rehearsals and performances, or the joys (and exasperations) of raising kids, to say nothing of painting miniature figures, I can empathize as well as sympathize, I think, on the gaming and writing front. My last blog post was made in early May. The interest in drafting, and revising and then posting after researching, prepping and playing has diminished if not disappeared. (Sidebar: I have made attempts at Magnesia with TRIUMPH! and a To the Strongest scenario based on an old Charles Grant report, but . . . )
    Anyway, good to read what you've been up to. Hope the renovations and all other non-wargaming concerns go smoothly. Hope that you and yours are well.


  8. Aaron! Sounds like to me everything with you is peachy!

    Enjoy doing the kid thing, it goes so fast, and rock your heart out boy! It’s grand you have multiple interests.

    Once a Wargamer/Historian always a Wargamer/Historian! It’s a hobby after all, it will grab you back when you least expect it.

    I am happy for you man!


  9. Agreed, there are times in your life where other things take front seat, and Wargames recede. In my case, they always come roaring back when time and circumstances allow!
    There is something special about. Asking music with others! I haven’t done that myself in 40 years now, but I would think about it after I retire!

  10. Hi Aaron and welcome back. Playing music with friends while helping your children step up and step out, does it get any better?

    AND you've managed to pick up a copy of Seastrike! That's the most enjoyable naval wargame I've ever played and I'm still playing it. It's pretty innovative too. Get a friend round and get it on the table when you can. You won't regret it.

    Regards, Chris

  11. Thanks for your comments all, much appreciated!


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