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Monday, March 2, 2020

Unboxing figures

For the Big Move ™ down south I was quite worried about how the figures were going to manage the journey. I wasn't entirely sure of the best way to pack them, so like a good libra I settled for three different approaches.

Method 1: magnetised bases in steel-lined drawers.

This was recommended by various people. I didn't have enough space to send as many drawers as I would like, but I used this for elephants, chariots, pikemen, and figures which had a variety of poses on each base.

Method 2: magnetised bases in biscuit tins.

This is an extension of the first method. Used for baggage trains, cataphracts, heavy cavalry.

Method 3: intensive packing.

This was something I thought would save space, and might actually protect the figures provided I had varnished them as well as I thought I had.

This is a brief explanation of the method:

1. Box measuring approx. 330 x 300 x 100 is found and labelled in pen for easy reference and in the hope that it will deter the customs man at the New Zealand end from opening it...

2. In the box matching base is stacked on top of matching base so that the figures are horizontal and the base edges themselves are holding any weight. Sometimes the figures slot together; other times they sit head touching head.

3. Bases are stacked along bottom of box in rows, with some variation to make sure they are packed tight enough that they will not move around.

4. Figures mounted singly on coins are inserted into the gaps head first.

5. Contents are covered with packing material so that nothing can move.

Box is closed, taped, and subjected to several species of incantations chanted in an ancient and barbaric tongue.

6. Contents are pulled out of box at destination and inspected.

And it's not too bad: two shields and a pilum came unglued, and one Miniature Figurine bendy spear broke. Otherwise, no damage.

Three more boxes' and an ice cream container's worth to go!

Hopefully they will come out in similarly good nick.


  1. Always a relief when the models arrive and are unscathed.

  2. That's impressive packing and minimal breakages, I went up the road and got considerably more damage!
    Best Iain

  3. Nicely done... for those coming after I also recommend Rice Krispies.. I kind you not.. put the figures in the box and then fill the cavities and spaces with Rice Krispies - cheapest ones you can find... non-sugary Puffed wheat also good.. and not only that you have a free breakfast afterwards.. :o))

  4. Your story and journey have happy endings!

  5. Edge on stacking: ingenious solution!

  6. Your babies finally made it out of their boxes and into their new home. Visions of Toy Story movie where they all act like toys when you walk into the room, and when you leave they all have a party and congratulate each other surviving those stuffy boxes.

  7. Well done Aaron, that is an impressive feat!


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