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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Spare us, oh Lord

With reports of a horde of Vikings having landed nearby, the local thane has called out heathguard and villagers to stand against the northern menace.

Here they come!

The archers on the Saxon right are quickly overcome.

In the centre the marauders cross the stream, to be hit by a hail of javelins.

The Saxon left is also assailed.

But the first northmen across the stream, undaunted, charge into the shieldwall.

And the rest follow.

The fighting is furious, and the lines begin to waver on both sides.

It seems for a moment that the Vikings may have had enough.

But it is not so.

Instead, it is the Saxons who begin to give way.

The fighting on the Saxon right is vicious.

The line may hold...

But the Vikings have come too far to give up.

In the confusion they cut down the Saxon thane, and the battle is won.

With the route to the village now open, we avert our eyes from the Vikings' rapacious appetites, and prepare instead for Wales vs England in the rugby...


  1. Replies
    1. If you'd been there, Charles Martel, I'm sure the result would have been different! Thanks for visiting :)

  2. Nice report, beautiful armies!

  3. Looks like a really enjoyable game with the upper hand changing between sides at various times during the battle. What rules did you use?

    1. Thanks Peter! They were just some home brew rules.

  4. Your Vikings were daring and resolute to attack across the stream into the waiting Saxon line. That risk paid off with a victory. Good looking game!

    1. Yes, they were resolute indeed, and refused to fail their break tests. Most impressive determination!


  5. Nice AAR Aaron, I'm busy painting up some Dark Age stuff and getting ready for a convention. Inspiring stuff!


  6. Thanks Kevin - good luck with the painting!


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