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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Book infusion

Well, the holidays are over and we are back at work, but what a fine set of holidays it was. Some cracking weather, six games played, one umpired, and good family time as well.

Hobbywise there is some painting to do but for the moment I need to be getting my work face back on.

Fortunately, the Christmas period brought in some good reading material, which I will smuggle in to read on short breaks and at lunchtimes.

Wargaming books.

Two I'd been looking out for and one that was opportunistic. These were purchased from a chap on TMP, and were kindly brought over from the USA for me by a friend.

Charge has real nostalgia value for me; I still remember borrowing it from the public library as a kid, being awed by the battle reports, writing out various sections by hand, and buying coloured pins and a cork board to play games on of my own.

WRG books.

These two were purchased via Abe Books following a tip off from Mike of Satrap Miniatures blog. I've been wanting these for yonks and was very happy to find them in good condition and at a price I could justify to myself.

Ospreys and a history.

I'd grabbed these (mostly) for my 100 Years War project before I found the WRG books. I probably wouldn't have got so many of them if I'd done things the other way around, but these will be quite useful, so I'm glad things worked out as they did. I might have to look at picking up a couple more of Seward's offerings - this one is almost finished already!

So, time to hit the books...


  1. Terrific haul of wargaming books, Aaron! You picked a number of useful references.

  2. Plenty of inspiration there Aaron!

  3. Wow, talk about a walk through Nostalgic past, I've got most of these stowed away in plastic tubs! I might even be inspired to go dig them out and have a good read!


  4. Thanks all. Always good to have a pile of stuff on the reading table!

  5. Oooh new periods! :-) Some of those Ospreys look great.

    1. That's the plan, but how soon I get to them remains to be seen!

  6. You've got some nice titles there, Aaron. I think you will be able to occupy yourself all summer with that haul. Enjoy!

  7. Bit of a theme going on here I suspect.

  8. Thanks gents - yes, plenty of reading, and certainly an evident theme!

  9. Bill Protz' Wargamer's Guide to the English Civil War was one of my first rule sets. I painted up a lot of 15mm ECW to use for them. I have the second edition, too (red cover). I recently read a blog post about someone playing them. They have a lot of nostalgic value, but I'm all hot for playing The Pikeman's Lament for ECW now.

    I haven't read Charge! for some time, but I had the same inspiration as a kid when I read these early wargaming books. They hooked me for life.


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