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Friday, December 18, 2015

A little painting progress

It's been a while since I've had the brushes out, but as the year winds down (and after an invigorating tidy of the hobby room) I've pulled finger and tried to get a few things finished up to boost my 2015 painting tally.

At the moment I've got a selection of Companions, Thessalians and Xystophoroi (all Xyston 15mm figures) on the go. I can't quite remember the reasoning behind trying to put them all together in the one mass, but I'll worry about that later...

Anyway, these are still in a reasonably early stage of completion, but as I'd used a brown undercoat, I am using this bunch to experiment with the colours that will work best with it. So far I quite like the results, though the Coat d'arms chestnut wash has not worked well at all. This is not poor old Coat d'arms's fault though: in my zest for experimentation I simply forgot that a wash needs to be darker than its base-coat to be effective!

But enough blathering. Here are a few work-in-progress shots.

Red gray with a lilac highlight (central figure) seems to work quite well on a cloak.

The lion skin is almost there; needs a little more dapple, but the Coat d'arms flesh wash does a great job.

Attempt at a white horse. It will probably almost do.

The chesnut wash on the horse. Almost, but not quite right... It's become an inverse highlight, so I'll need to drybrush with a red-brown to fix that (or else do over with a darker wash)

This chap is pretty much done, but I still want to do a little more on the animal skin.

I've enjoyed it and have worked out a few useful paint combinations. Hopefully I'll manage to get these and the other twenty-odd in the batch done before the new year, but I've said that kind of thing before!


  1. Very nice indeed! You going to wedge them?

    1. Good question! I'll go with DBx basing and then put them together as needed, I think. Luke's figures look great as 80x80 wedges, but at this stage I still prefer a little more flexibility...

    2. Unfortunately, the basing in DBMM for Companions differs for the basing in all the DBx sets (like DBM) for all other mounted, in being 40 by 40 squares as opposed to 40 by 30 rectangles... DBA 3 allows for both options for Companions.

      So be aware!

  2. Great details on this cavalry, well done!

  3. I am thinking of doing an Attalid Pergamene army big enough to be used in To the Strongest and DBMM.
    Can you recommend a line of miniatures I could use to get the complete army?


    1. Hi Kris, if you're thinking 15mm, you could probably use Essex, Xyston or Old Glory 15s, depending on what you prefer. Madaxeman's site has some good info:


    2. Thanks Aaron. That's a great source. In terms of quality who do you think is the best?

    3. It's a tough one, Kristopher. They all have their place but if money were no object and you didn't mind drilling hands, adding spears and gluing on shields, I'd go with Xyston or else look at the new Forged in Battle figures, here:

      Don't take my word alone though; have a look around and see what you like :)


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