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Thursday, January 12, 2023

Rumours of war(gaming) and the kindness of strangers

It's been a long time since I've rock n rolled, as the song goes. While a neat little intro, it's not strictly correct: I have played a few games, but nothing worth blogging about.

Sadly, that seems to have been the case for most things at the moment - not worth blogging about.

But that has all changed today. Two things happened. First, I caught up with my old mate SP, who assures me he is keen to get a game underway as soon as we can; the other is that a kind denizen of boardgamegeek has gone to considerable trouble to look out and send me the rules for a vintage game I bought recently that arrived sans booklet.

It would be very rude to get it to table given the lengths the fellow went to to scan the paperwork, so playing it has become mission number 1. 

While speaking of kindness, I should also mention a first class instance of it from the folks at the Plastic Soldier Company. I ordered some plastic Carthaginians from them a few months ago but the pack arrived two figures short. I emailed to let them know about it and they promptly sent me replacements along with an extra figure or two for good measure. 

They are damned good too, being of the Corvus Belli 15mm range.

So there we are. I hope 2023 will treat all readers well (or if not well, at least a good deal better than it's treated Jeff Beck), and that your dice roll what you wish for a decent portion of the time.


  1. Bloody hell! What is the name of said vintage game??? Lol! I have to know now dammit.

    PSC are a pretty good lot. I remember the old Corvus Bellis 15's metal models. They were nice. I've heard some say though that the transition to this resin was just a copy from the old metal molds and that they aren't quite as sharp. What's your take on them.


  2. Very curious now to see the mystery game in action!

    And Happy New Year

  3. Hello Aaron

    You need to spill on the name of the vintage game!

  4. Thanks gents, was going to spill the beans in my next post but it's Seastrike by Ariel Productions, a cold war naval game.

    1. We -payed that a few years ago. It was fun.

  5. Now that is something I am interested in. Look forward to seeing a report.

  6. Nice the Corvus sculpts have always caught my eye! Hoping 2023 brings more gaming!

  7. Aaron,
    Nice to see you back on the blog(block), and good to see that your "mojo" has been rekindled due to the posted kindness.

    Looking forward to the details of both the mystery game and how the plastic Carthaginians show their mettle against, I would imagine, Romans.



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