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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Slingshot 288 now available

Slingshot 288 has now been sent out to subscribers.

In it you will find two campaign game frameworks, a battle report, three historical articles, an opinion piece, two book reviews and reviews of three sets of figures.


Editorial: Slings and Arrows, by Perry Gray.
A Short History of the Iberian Peninsular from 400 to 1100AD, by Robert Heiligers.
St Albans, 17th February 1461, by John Graham-Leigh.
Transjordanian Tales, Part 5, by Alistair McBeath.
The Roman Republic Against the Italian Gauls, by Julian Lorriman.
Gauls and Romans Scenario, by Mark Wilson.
The Calamitous Fourteenth Century, by John Graham-Leigh.
Tablets of Stone, by Nick Harbud.
Book and Figure Reviews, by Duncan Head and David Edwards.

Slingshot is issued 6 times a year to members of the Society of Ancients.

Subscription currently costs 」24 for six issues. You can subscribe through the store at the Society's website,


  1. My first issue arrived midweek. Looks like a very interesting collection of articles and hope to find time this weekend to give it a read. 288 carries a May/June date header. Is that a misprint or has publishing fallen behind schedule?

  2. Yeah, a bit behind schedule, so there should be a few coming out in a rush over the next couple of months as they get back on track.


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