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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Crimissos underway

It's the Obon holiday here in Japan, so with a few days off I've set up a classroom for the Lost Battles version of Crimissos (Crimissus, Crimisos, Crimisus, or however else you want to spell it!) to follow on from the Commands and Colors: Ancients game last week.

It takes quite a different approach, with the river here positioned along the Carthaginian baseline (and tributaries flowing across the field) rather than being on one flank as in the CCA scenario.

Am looking forward to it, and may even do a little video report if the stars align.

From behind the Syracusan lines. The Carthagians have been surprised and most of their troops start off-table, behind the river. 

The centre of the field.

From the Carthaginian left.


  1. Getting three lengths of river looking so neat within that gaming space is testimony to the great job that you did with those tiles. Looking forward to the game notes.

  2. Smart looking setup, Aaron! I am with Norm, you tiles look fab.

  3. I am also looking forward to the report, and perhaps the video.

  4. Your setup looks great. Not sure what you mean about setting it up in class room. Are you playing this yourself over holiday or getting it ready for the kids?


    1. Hiya Kevin, am using the classroom to play the game. No kids involved :)

  5. Thanks all, just finished up the video now, after several goes...


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